Monday, May 22, 2006

bluer than blue

Who originally sang this song? Was it Barry Manilow? I searched Wikipedia and apparently its some guy named Michael Johnson. Oh well, whatever. What's stuck in my head recently is Regine's crappy cover of it anyway.

So yeah, the song totally captures what I'm feeling right now after Elliott Yamin was eliminated from American Idol last Wednesday. Pathetic isn't it? I can't believe I've been too emotionally invested to a reality show contestant who on his bad days looks like an Amish version of Mr. Tumnus in the Chronicles of Narnia (at least he looks way better now). I actually cried when they were showing his Bad Day video. Twice (I also watched the rerun). And I don't normally do that. I usually cry at Ellen Pompeo's bad acting in Grey's Anatomy, but that's just about it. Most of the time.

The good news is that he finished third. Way further than anyone -- myself included -- expected. He beat Chris Daughtry, for Chrissakes. And at least I don't have to spend Wednesday mornings perusing Web sites for song spoilers and performance orders (read: who gets the pimp spot, etc.), then becoming a nervous wreck the day after when the results are read. Hopefully, I can get my boring life back: I have, after all, tons of work to catch up with.

The bad news is that days after the elimination, I'm still Googling for any news related to him. HAHAHAHA! I haven't even started working -- I just keep on watching his performances over and over again (his rendition of "Trouble" is my favorite so far, along with "Moody's Mood For Love", of course, since the latter started this whole crazy roller coaster ride for me. It's really pathetic. And I can't help it. Cos he's cute, and he seems nice, and he cried watching his homecoming video. And he's half-deaf, diabetic, allergic and yet he sings really really well.

Anyway, I just hope he'll have a decent career post-Idol. He deserves it. And I can't wait for the finale this Wednesday, since he'll be performing again (probably explains why I still haven't gotten over him).

I think I need therapy. Or a new TV show to watch. Unfortunately, it's the May sweeps. Season finales galore on the way. Urgh.

* * *
In a couple of hours, I'm off to Punta Fuego for our company summer outing. I predict it'll be boring, since most of the people I want to hang out and get pissed drunk with -- not to mention those I want to ogle at -- will join the second batch. Oh well, at least it's still a break from the increasingly(?) toxic environment at work.

*gasp* Ohmigod, did I just say that?

Hehe. Makes me wonder if I should've gone ahead and passed that resume to BB when he asked for it. I told him I was going to update it. More than a week later I'm still updating it. Hee.

I'm sooo going to take a leave on the 27th.


celwinster said...

so how was ur outing? success?

PJ said...

hay nako, as predicted: BORING. being in the first batch sucks. i just slept the entire day cos galing ako shift nun. hmph.

celwinster said...

nakupow. e nasa yo naman un if u wanted it lively!!!

PJ said...

true... eh kaso wala rin namang ka-excite excite sa mga opismates na kasama ko nun. BWAHAHAHA!