Wednesday, August 03, 2005

queen of the night

Back to night shift once again (yay!) ^_^ Unfortunately, as it is my first night after two months of morning shift, I'm feeling drowsy already after just three hours of work -- 1.5 of which were spent eating. Anyhoo, looking forward for my coffee break at around 12:45 am (just in time before Starbucks closes). For the meantime, some things to keep me awake:

  1. Spice Girls MP3s. Job finally shared his secret folder of MP3s (harhar!), which includes songs from the original fab five. I'm soo in a reminiscing mode these days, considering I was only a mere [closeted] high school student when the Spicies first hit the airwaves. That didn't stop me from memorizing the steps of "Who Do You Think You Are", though. ^_^

  2. Test King. My Windows 2000 platform training ended last Saturday, and thus I am expected to take MCP exams anytime soon. Argh.

  3. Google Groups. Exciting discovery since GMail. For one thing, the messages and their file attachments are archived, so one can opt of a no-mail option and still access pictures and other files posted on the message boards. Very convenient, especially if you're a member of pic-extensive groups. *ehem*

  4. Desperate Housewives. Full episodes in a shared folder in the office (in DivX format! Captured in HDTV!). Not that I haven't seen the show more than once... hehe. Still, it's one of those rare TV shows that I love replaying. ^_^