Friday, August 26, 2005


I just took my first (of what is expected to be several... six, if I remember correctly) Microsoft certification exam today. And passed. ^_^ With flying [rainbow] colors. *grins broadly* Maybe I should now add "MCP" after my name in every email signature. Hmm...

Sorry I can't help but gloat... because I got 933 out of a possible 1000 points *ehem* Hehe. With 50 items and assuming that it's 20 points per item, that means I got roughly 47 items correctly! HAH!

Anyhoo, before Eric shuts me up (arte kasi ayaw pa mag-test), I must say that I wouldn't have fared well if I haven't spent my rest days poring over Test King -- I've read that 182-page reviewer three times. And it took me a month to do so.

Oh well, onto the next (and more difficult) exam. Urgh.

Word for today: irregardless. Actually, it's my word for the past couple of days now. Hehe. It's so wrong it's funny.

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