Monday, May 09, 2005


I think I may have discovered yet another weird trait about myself: for the lack of a better term -- I'm not sure if there's a more appropriate one -- I think I have Medusa Complex.

(Of course, I'm referring to the stereotypical, mythical Medusa here, not the feminist, archetypal image I was glad to have learned back in college. Then again, as a stereotyped, misunderstood person myself, I think I can relate with her deeper aspects too.)

The other day I was watching Hallmark's Snow Queen, which stars Bridget Fonda as her royal iciness, and Jeremy Guilbaut -- my latest cutie discovery -- as Kai, the queen's chosen one to complete the mirror puzzle (for those already confused about the plot at this point, better start rereading Hans Christian Andersen). Anyway, as it was revealed in the latter part of this TV-movie, Kai was not the first one to attempt to put back the Snow Queen's looking glass: in one scene, Fonda walks along an icicled hallway with her "frozen failures" of young men plastered in the walls.

For some reason, I had to replay that scene again. Maybe it's because one of the frozen figures there looks hot despite the cold (harhar!). Looking beyond that, however, I guess it's underlying power play that makes it mesmerizing -- to say the least. Imagine having the ability to give the term still-life a whole new meaning... capturing that so-called "essence" in every sense of that word. Like that scene in Demolition Man when Sylvester Stallone went to cryo-prison (or even that final battle scene -- naked men in ice cubes in the background!). Or practically every other scene in Batman and Robin. Or even Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

In a more psychotic viewpoint (as if the former's not crazy enough), imagine turning people into stone, like that episode in Friday the 13th TV series back in the 80's, or into wax figures a la the upcoming Paris Hilton screamfest House of Wax... *insert more horror flicks here* ^_^

It's like being Pygmalion, although instead of obsessing over a stone figure and making it alive (admittedly, that idea is also... titillating) it's the opposite. Instead, you will someone's existence to stop, making him yours and not letting go...

Sounds hot. Meanwhile, I freeze-frame Jeremy Guilbaut and add him to my own gallery. *evil laugh*