Tuesday, September 06, 2011

lunch date, part 2

Writing Challenge, Day 18

This one's shorter than the previous one (205 words!). Hehe. This is probably the coppest(?) cop-out I've written so far. :-/ More deets about the lunch date soon, I promise!

* * *
"Oh, I've already eaten," Bryan lied for the second time that day as he followed Barry's footsteps. He hoped the grumbling in his stomach was not loud enough for Barry to hear. "But I have some room for dessert," he quickly added, to be polite. Being tardy was one thing; ditching his friend-slash-date for lunch would be very rude, he chastised himself. His right hand automatically flew to his back pocket, where his wallet felt light to the touch. Bryan silently prayed that he had enough cash. Maybe Barry will shoulder the bill?

"Are you sure?" Barry stopped to ask. "Well, okay then," he continued his stride after Bryan nodded. "Oh, this one's for you," Barry added, handing Bryan a package wrapped in white plastic. Inside was a large bag on M&M's chocolates.

"I got that one from back home, so it's not one of those local versions you can buy here," Barry explained.

"Wow thanks," Bryan replied happily. He remembered joking to Barry during one of their chat sessions that he wants chocolates when the latter arrives in the country. Bryan found the gesture thoughtful and sweet, pushing the thought of gayuma being injected in the large bag at the back of his head.

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