Tuesday, September 21, 2010

love song for no one

I'm so tired of being alone
So hurry up and get here
That's the answer to the question "what is my favorite John Mayer song". Yes, it's from his first album that reminds me of my college days, but what the heck, the message still resonates to a(n) SSB (single since birth) like myself. :P And don't you just love the irony of the sad message accompanied by an upbeat, happy tempo?

Now, the reason for this impromptu post (regular posting will resume... I dunno when) is this contest sponsored by Manila Concert Scene. Yes, I'm trying to win tickets to see John Mayer on October 1st. :) Deets are available here, in case anyone's interested. Deadline's on September 29 though.

Fingers crossed that my luck strikes again. :D There's still Adam Lambert and Taylor Swift. Haha!

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