Monday, October 12, 2009

live like we're dying

So if your life flashed before you
What would you wish you would've done?
What I initially intended to be a shout-out post to Kris Allen's brand-spankin' new single (as titled, The Script-cover non-troversy be damned), turned out to have a deeper, more personal meaning over the past couple of weeks. I may sound a bit crass, what with me sort of shamelessly plugging a pop music amidst the calamities. But seriously, maybe it was because the single premiered on September 21st and was on continuous loop on my iTunes for days that when Ondoy hit four days later, that song was still playing in my head whilst treading the six-inch flood waters inside our home.

And I was one of the luckier ones.

Ondoy. Pepeng. Earthquake in Indonesia. Samoan tsunami. Mother Nature is telling something, isn't she? And they do pose certain questions on life and death. Something that, unfortunately, I don't know how to answer. Yet.

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