Monday, February 23, 2009

snap judgment: confessions of a shopaholic

I actually gave it a B+ in my tweet immediately after seeing it last Friday. Hehe. "Fluffy fun", according to moi. Mayee, Eric, and Miray were somewhat disappointed when they came back hours later, though, but I'm guessing the disappointment lies more on the fact that they saw the flick in the new kickass E-Mall Cinema 7 (with La-Z-Boys and all). Hehe. Hellooo, the movie is based on a chick lit -- don't get me wrong (and I have nothing against the genre, despite the term being somewhat deregatory) but I know better than expect something worth P300. Plus it's only almost 2 hours. Di sulit sa bonggang sinehan.
  • Highlights: Hugh Dancy. He was the reason I wanted to watch the movie in the first place, although I was pleasantly surprised there are a couple more cuties in the film -- the receptionist and Suze's fiance. Isla Fisher is also okay. Loved her character in The Wedding Crashers more though.
  • Lowlights: The attempt of a moral story and the mannequins (they creep me out). It's also sad to see Joan Cusack and Kristen Scott Thomas in supporting roles. Gone were the days of In & Out and The English Patient, no?

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