Friday, January 30, 2009

teach them well

It was my first time speaking to a large audience yesterday. Not exactly first time, but the fact that it was outside the home turf (read: the company) kinda jangled the nervous nerves (nervous nerves?!) a bit. *shrugs* Carrying the company image is a big burden -- it made me appreciate the more seasoned colleagues/speakers like Ryan and JC and Robert more.

(Then again, they are the SMEs at what they're doing. Being the "guru" in competitive intelligence seems... useless?)

Apparently I have this nasty habit of saying "okay?" at every other sentence. Which is bad because I'm the type of person who counts those okays of other speakers and says nasty things about them. Karma's a bitch, I guess. Hehe. Miray says that perhaps it was my way of compensating my "sentences in parentheses" (you know, like the one I'm doing now -- side comments, etc.) that I would so like to add and quip, but of course those'll make the sentences very winding. Especially for students, who were my main audience.

Xavier says that the talk went well. I really do hope so. And I hope that the students learned something. They should, because I scared them. At least, I tried to. :)

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