Tuesday, November 25, 2008

snap judgement: twilight

Two words: Team Jasper. Jackson Rathbone is adorkable.

(Given na kasi na ang Team Edward. Rob Pattinson was kinda effective. Didn't like his singing voice much though.)

Seriously, I always kid my colleagues that after reading Jasper's storyline in Eclipse, I may have to start my own team (I have a soft spot for men in uniform). Jasper Hale didn't do much in the movie but it was satisfying enough for me. *drool*
  • Highlights: Everything Edward-related. Especially the piano-playing. *swoon* And baseball!
  • Lowlights: The SFX and everything Bella-related. No offense to Kristen Stewart, but again as I mentioned to my colleagues, Bella Swan is the most annoying female since Meredith Grey.

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