Friday, November 28, 2008

21 things I want in a lover

This has to come full circle (or 360 degrees, as some geometry-inclined people would like to call it) eventually:
  1. is laid back
  2. but has clear goals in life
  3. is doing something to achieve said goals
  4. is a good kisser
  5. respects the idea of personal space
  6. but is ready to open one's arms for a hug/cuddle/PDA session or for my clingy moments
  7. is trying to live a (slightly) healthy lifestyle
  8. encourages me to try live a (slightly) healthy lifestyle
  9. has kind, warm eyes that will force me to make eye contact
  10. can tolerate my histrionics and my (slightly) constant need to be an insufferable know-it-all bitch or an attention-seeking whore
  11. can bitch-slap me if I'm going overboard being an insufferable know-it-all bitch or an attention-seeking whore (or if I'm being very naughty *ehem*)
  12. is uninhibited (especially in bed)
  13. is communicative and can provide really insightful/witty/smart/stupid thoughts and opinions
  14. can be spontaneously romantic
  15. is funny
  16. is more mature emotionally but can stoop down to my level of insanity
  17. makes music
  18. is honest and at peace with one's self
  19. is slightly (healthily) jealous and insecure
  20. is versatile, in (almost) every sense of the word
  21. maginoo pero medyo bastos
(Image courtesy of David Vance via BeautifulMag)

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