Tuesday, October 10, 2006

walk away

I sucked at bowling today.

It's not that I'm really good in the first place. For an amateur bowler, I am pretty good, if I say so myself. ^_^ Tonight though, on our team's final elimination match, I was different. I stank. Bad.

You'd think for something as [somewhat] pointless as a company sportsfest, I am being too hard on myself. True, we did sign up just for the free games (sans the shoe rental, mind you). *sigh* I guess it all boils down to the fact that my mind is someplace else. And I'm blaming that company for ruining my game.

A couple of hours prior to the much-anticipated match, an HR personnel from some IT company (code named BVT) called. This was the same company who scheduled me for an exam the day typhoon Milenyo hit Manila, so naturally I didn't show up. Anyway, the person called to check if I'm still interested.

From the way she brought the topic up, I should have known it was going to be one of the worst phone conversations I've ever had:

"You were scheduled for an exam last September 28th, right?"

"Um, yes..."

"So what happened?"

See? Talk about demanding. Of course, being a pretentious bitch that I am, I explained to the person that that was the day of the typhoon. "Um, kase, I think yun yung day ng bagyo di ba? So di na 'ko nakapunta..." (Yes, I didn't bother speaking in straight fake-American-accent English. The person's enunciation sucked anyway.)

I guess she was satisfied with my excuse cos the person then asked if I was still interested (to which I said: "Er... yeah... okay lang..."). She then asked if I was available for exam tomorrow.

Now, normally, I don't have any qualms agreeing on a schedule. The thing is, I just started working daily for the Marketing tasks Eric and I were assigned to oversee, so I don't have any free time at hand. So I said I can't make it.

"How about Thursday?"

"Um... teka lang po check ko yung schedule ko..." [pretends to look at an imaginary calendar in front, with extra mouse clicks that the person hopefully heard] "Naku ma'am sorry di po ako pwede sa Thursday. Pwede pong sa Monday na lang?"

"How about Friday?"

"Di po talaga pwede eh..."

That's when it happened.

"You know, dapat you should adjust your schedule din for the company di ba?" The person said -- no, lectured, judging from her patronizing/condescending tone. "Kasi ano na lang ang magiging impression namin of you?"

I was apologizing profusely and trying to explain myself (albeit in vain) -- despite the fact that the moment she changed her tone at me, I was cursing the person to hell.

"...Dapat we should all be professional... [sic]"

Yes, she even had the gall to imply that I was being unprofessional. Honey. That was me doing professional. If you want unprofessional, here it is:


Hee! I was really tempted to say that. Granted, I was being a pain in the ass for turning down three reasonably good exam schedules (then again I already did offer Monday on her second try). The thing is, you Miss HR personnel, are the one who called me. I was NOT grovelling for the position you are offering. And I am NOT actively looking for a new job. Those three facts do NOT give you dibs to lecture me like about the ins and outs of job application.

Heck, just a couple of days ago I had to turn down quite a tempting job offer from another company. I still haven't gotten over it -- am still thinking of the what-if scenarios, to be honest. Then again, I'm still happy with the way things are going (well, most of the time at least -- the past couple of days are pressure!). Why risk losing the stability and friends? Although of course, if the offer was a teeny-bit higher, I wouldn't be saying this, would I? ^_^

Last week was like that episode in Grey's Anatomy. You know, the one when Addison gave Derek divorce papers (Episode 204: Deny, Deny, Deny -- syempre memorized daw talaga)? Derek was bitching about how he and Addison should split, and when she gave the ball to his court, he still stopped and thought about it. I was bitching about work for the past couple of months now, and when the ball was thrown on my court, I saw some things in a different light. Cheesy, I know, but it's true. So I stopped and thought about it.

And just like Derek, I decided to stay. Hopefully, though, that unlike Derek (in Episode 301: Time Has Come Today), I will realize that I made a mistake. Hehe. Then again, I probably won't get jealous when the other company hires a veterenarian as cute as Chris O'Donnell... right? HAHAHAHAHA!

Then there was this call. Ugh! I was so bothered by it, I'm not even sure I should take the exam on Monday. Maybe I will. Just to face that stupid personnel. Kung may K ba naman ba talaga sya mag-maganda. Which I highly doubt.

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celwinster said...

puchang HR yan ah. walang manners. kung ako yan nakatikim saken yan.