Tuesday, September 12, 2006

the adventures of a week off, part 2

  1. Got to stalk Westlife. Not that I'm a big fan of theirs (more of a guilty pleasure, actually -- hey, they did produce those classics... like "Swear It Again"). Anyhoo, I'm chalking it off as [hopefully] the last of my boyband-stalking days. Their concert was good anyway, so no complaints there. Plus, I got myself a picture with Kian *swoon*, which was nice surprise, considering he was a bit grumpy before the concert. Hm. Oh well, at least he redeemed himself. ^_^

    I'm thinking of re-ranking the lads after seeing Nicky Byrne in person. I mean, I know he is such a hottie (and don't get me started with his Irish accent -- then again all of them have the same accent), but I was always fond of Kian-Mark-Nicky-Shane (in that order... and ex-member Bryan McFadden a distant fifth). Seeing Nicky sing and dance The Pussycat Dolls' "Don't Cha", though... *drool* Wetness Indicator baby! HAHAHAHA!

    BTW, Shane and Mark still look nice. They are getting a bit... larger though.

  2. Acquired the Rubella virus, a.k.a. German measles. Hopefully I didn't infect any of the lads (especially Kian), cos the rashes appeared the day after the concert. Ugh. This mainly explains the week off by the way, and believe me: not that adventurous. I mean, try spending five days in bed, the last two of which are accompanied by instatiable itching (and not in a good way). *rolls eyes* On the bright side, at least I was able to finish my Gilmore Girls marathon. Plus I'm still watching Doogie Howser bit by bit. *shrugs* Hehe.

    I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for the lads and my friends who were with me at the concert. Apparently, the incubation period of the virus is about 2-3 weeks. *sigh* Great. The last thing my already-guilty concsience needs is hearing news that Kian Egan is sick. Hehe.

    Which reminds me, didn't one of the participants in the leadership training I attended two weeks ago have a rash? Graaa!

  3. Attended my sister's wedding. Thankfully, I was not contagious anymore when my sister walked down the aisle last Sunday. Otherwise, she'd go all Bridezilla at me cos mother wouldn't have any escort.

    Tough day being the proxy parent. New shoes are sooo uncomfortable. Although at least I was present at most of the pictures. Hehe! And I get to hand over my sister to her now-husband, which was cool.

    Ooh! I also get to wear make-up! HAHAHAHAHA! Oh, excuse me... I mean powder.

  4. Bought myself a copy of Entertainment Weekly's Fall TV Preview. Patrick Dempsey's on the cover for one thing. ^_^ Besides, I sort of developed that habit of buying the preview issues (movie preview, TV preview... not the music preview though) since about two years ago. Gives me that know-it-all edge amongst fellow TV junkies. Hee!

    Can't wait for the third season of Grey's Anatomy -- which is my current favorite show (Ellen Pompeo's character aside). Then there're Lost, Desperate Housewives, CSI (New York and Las Vegas), Las Vegas, Ghost Whisperer, Supernatural, Gilmore Girls... these are just the shows that are yet to start their season premieres, BTW. I'm already watching episodes of Prison Break and House. HAHAHAHA!

    There are quite a few interesting new shows that I'm hoping will be aired here soon (or at least, someone will download and share them). Heroes is one, mainly because Milo Ventimiglia and Adrian Pasdar are there. Ugly Betty is another -- America Ferrera! -- though admittedly, I didn't watch the original telenovela (Yo soyBetty, la fea) though, when it was dubbed and shown locally.

    Oh well... let's see which show gets cancelled first.

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