Thursday, June 22, 2006


I'm now wearing corrective lenses.

Apparently, I have astigmatism and I didn't even know it -- that is until my grade jumped a whopping 100 points from my 20/20 vision last year (so now they're 120... ugh). Oh well, too much porn and TV series, I guess. Hopefully I can still have my normal eyesight [almost] restored. Wearing glasses suck sometimes (and I'm saying this after less than 48 hours). Good thing mine has some aesthetic value. LOL! Call me a-dork-able. ^_^

* * *

Bought myself a new PC. Yay! Now I can retire my trusty college desktop after six years. Hehe. Shame our dial-up connection at home still sucks.


celwinster said...

wow!!! yaman talaga! magpa dsl ka na kaya

PJ said...

hehe! gagarch... 12 months to pay ang computer na yun noh. hahaha! so saka na ang DSL...

gothica said...

wow congrats!! NEW PC!!!
BTW, ung eyes mo dnt worry, ako din ganyan pero oks na now..soon, kaw din hehehe ;P