Saturday, August 13, 2005

they're back!

Dds2006cover Voyez! Photos of what are deemed to be part of the upcoming Dieux du Stade 2006 calendar have recently surfaced on the Net! *drool*

As always, it is expected that the calendar will portray French rugby players (although some of them are not really French nor rugby players) romping around in the nude. Hehe! I reckon pre-orders are now available online.

Anyway, the one on the cover is Juan Martin Hernandez (Argentinian -- like I said not all who play for Stade Francais are French).

Unfortunately, I don't know these two:

Les_dieux_du_stade_2006_02_1 Les_dieux_du_stade_2006_01_1

(sorry, I'm not really into the sport... I even got Hernandez's name off the Web ^_^)

And since I can't afford to buy the actual calendar (costs around 20 Euros last I checked), I'll just keep my fingers crossed that someone will scan the pics. Hehe.

And hopefully there's another making of DVD to come out soon, too. YUM!

* * *

Now for some irony: a couple of weeks ago, someone nominated me (read: my profile) for Gaydar Sex Factor. HAHAHA! Whatever. Apparently, someone -- or some people -- finds me hot.


I guess it must be the pictures that I uploaded. Hehe. ^_^ Oh well, like I said, how ironic, considering this supposedly sex factor material ain't getting any for, like forever.

Besides, whoever nominated me didn't even vote. Yes, I entered that darned thing. HAHAHAHA!